Vision :: Mission :: Goals


Our vision is to inspire a passion for true leadership and provide the means to achieve it.


The mission of The Rodin Consulting Group is to unleash the leadership potential within an organization, collectively harnessing the talents of all individuals to reach unparalleled results.

Core Values

Guiding Principles

We believe that leadership exists in all of us.
Leadership is the defining trait of successful individuals, organizations and businesses. We are challenged to lead ourselves through self-mastery. We lead others first and foremost through the example we set. We reach our leadership potential when we inspire others to willingly and gratefully allow us to lead them.

We believe that the most vital asset driving excellence, in an organization, is its people.
All members of an organization want to be successful, excel and deliver results. All individuals can be successful given they are in the right role, with the right training and that they understand their expected results.

We believe that the best ideas and answers, to tough problems, can be found within the organization.
Rodin Consulting provides the means, methods and tools for guiding the process that yields the optimal solutions.

We believe that our solutions will create a lasting, positive impact on the livelihood of our clients, their people and on ourselves.
The value of our services, in terms of tangible business results, will always significantly exceed the investment in those services.