Step One Survey II™

Before making a hiring mistake, use this assessment to help predict the candidate’s behavior while on-the-job. This tool is specifically designed to measure the applicant’s integrity, substance abuse, reliability and work ethic. This pre-employment screening tool is effective for hiring all types of employees from hourly workers through executives.

Background checks, resumes and references provide excellent information about a job applicant’s past performance. The interview is crucial in establishing the applicant’s current demeanor. But, how can an employer accurately predict future, on-the-job, performance of a candidate? The Step One Survey II is one of very few predictive tools available to gauge future behavior. Amongst the pool of candidates, you can quickly see who demonstrates the highest work ethic and greatest reliability; and who has the highest degree of integrity and the greatest intolerance of substance abuse.

Further the assessment report, used by the employer, provides specific interview questions to probe these areas more deeply. The assessment and interview questions satisfy the requirements of the DOL, EEOC, ADA, and Civil Rights Act for interviewing applicants.

In addition, this assessment statistically determines the degree to which the candidate answered candidly, or whether they attempted to appear “more perfect” than they really are. This assessment is extremely cost effective and quick. It can be offered in multiple languages to meet the needs of your diverse workforce.

Confidently choose new employees you can trust in your business.


  • Improve absenteeism rates and tardiness
  • Guarantee excellent hiring decisions
  • Save time in the hiring process
  • Gain higher productivity workers


  • Employee Theft
  • Unauthorized use of the Internet
  • Costly employee turn-over
  • Substance abuse at work



  • Hiring and Human Resource managers responsible for job placements.
  • Managers and senior leaders responsible for hiring decisions.


  • Applicant pool applying for a particular position.
    (This is a pre-employment screening tool ONLY and should not be used for internal transfers.)

This tool is highly effective in identifying key issues before the hiring decision is made.


Self-administered assessment taken via the internet
Time required: 20 minutes

The following report is available on-line, immediately:

Quick Check and Interview Report: This comprehensive report has 2 sections. In the first section, the candidate’s answers regarding current employment status, work history, salary requirements, start date, and criminal convictions are summarized. This allows the employer to readily compare the applicant’s self-admission answers to other background information provided on the resume and by references. Deviations may be used to further question the candidate on their employment history.

In the second section, the applicant’s attitudes in the four key areas – integrity, substance abuse, reliability and work ethic are graphically illustrated and discussed. Customized interview questions, based upon the suite of responses, are provided in the report to the employer. These structured questions are open-ended to stimulate discussion, reduce litigation risks, and are designed to effectively and consistently interview all the applicants.

A distortion scale is provided to monitor inconsistencies in the responses as a gauge to the accuracy and candor of the applicant’s answers.