Relentless Execution™
Creating a High Performance Organization

To be an outstanding organization, senior leaders must execute their mission, strategies and processes flawlessly. This program guides such leaders through a systematic process of assessing 7 critical elements that define their organizationís effectiveness. These elements include: Results, Business Environment, Current Strategy, Core Processes, Organizational Structure, Systems and Culture. Areas for improvement are identified and action plans are addressed.

Relentless Execution provides the means of continually achieving the desired business goals, while remaining true to the organizations mission.

Take actions with purpose and direction.


  • Organizational alignment
  • Clarity of strengths and weaknesses
  • Streamlined organizational structure
  • Renewed strategic direction


  • Communication
  • Organizational transparency
  • Inter-department conflicts
  • Underlying systemic problems


  • Senior leaders and executives representing a cross-section of the entire organization.
  • Senior leaders of Affiliates or satellite operating units of larger organizations.
  • Senior leaders and executives from newly merged organizations.

This is essential for leaders that are committed to moving their businesses toward high-performance through critical organizational assessment.


This program is highly specialized to the particular organization, its size, complexity, and history. Eight to ten, Ĺ day working sessions are arranged to address each of the critical elements. Pre-work and homework is required to develop the needed business data to complete the assessments. The elapsed time to complete the entire project could exceed several months, in larger organizations.

Workbooks and other materials are included.