Profile XT™ – for Succession Planning

How are employees identified for promotion? How are individuals developed for key leadership roles within your organization? How are succession plans and training needs for employees outlined?These critical functions must be done well in order to maintain a vibrant, healthy, high-performing business. But unfortunately, this activity is all too often overlooked, rushed, and inconsistently performed, even in some of the best organizations.

The Profile XT assessment is an objective tool that can be used throughout the organization to insure that excellent employees for promotion or transfer are not over-looked; that key individuals slated for senior positions receive the development and training they need; and that succession planning is an integral part of every manager’s job.

This tool gives managers critical information they need to plan the career progression of their employees. It enables them to identify training needs and it empowers the employee to become more proactive in their own development.

The Profile XT is a state-of-the-art assessment tool that measures 3 key areas: cognitive abilities, behavioral traits and occupational interests. No other assessment tool measures these three dimensions in a way that is statistically valid and can be used to understand future, on-the-job performance.

Develop your leaders now, and for the future.


  • Identify leaders early
  • Build consistent training plans
  • Provide meaningful coaching
  • Motivate self-awareness
  • Place ideal candidates in key roles


  • Ineffective succession planning
  • Employees not being ready for promotion
  • Insufficient development assignments
  • Inappropriate training
  • Missed placement opportunities



  • Supervisors, managers and leaders who are responsible for career development.
  • Human Resource managers responsible for job placements.
  • Managers and senior leaders responsible for early identification of potential leaders.


  • All employees are ideal candidates for this assessment.
  • Employees that are eager to be promoted or transferred.

Identify key individuals for promotion and provide appropriate career paths for all your employees.


Self-administered assessment taken via the internet
Time required: 40 minutes

The following reports (among others) are available on-line, immediately:

Individual Report: provides the employee with information for self-development and training.
Succession Planning Report: allows you to match the candidate with all the job profiles available within your company. In this way, employees that are well-suited for transfer or promotion will be identified early. Employees appreciate being able to see an un-biased assessment of jobs for which they are well-suited.
Coaching Report: this report provides the manager with an in-depth understanding of the individual employee. Specific coaching comments and training needs are outlined to enable the manager to efficiently and effectively mentor and manage employees.
Placement Report: provides an in-depth analysis matching the employee to a benchmark “standard” pattern that is created specifically for a particular position. This report clearly defines the degree-of-fit of the individual to the job, providing unique interview questions and coaching comments.