High Performance Strategy
Competing to Win

Whether your business has a long history or you are a start-up; whether you are in a growing or declining market; whether you are part of a large organization or small; having a well-crafted strategic vision and core ideology is essential for sustaining profitability in the rapidly changing marketplace. In this program, you will evaluate your business’ core competencies, the competitive landscape, and future trends, in order to craft or redefine your strategic direction.

Effectively launching this strategy will be accomplished through functional goal-setting, accountability measures and long-range planning.

Strategic direction fuels organizational energy.


  • Adapt quickly to changing markets
  • Exploit competitive advantages
  • Focus efforts and resources
  • Align teams and functions


  • Mis-reading market forces
  • Goal-setting and planning
  • Weaknesses or deficiencies
  • Inter-departmental competition


  • Executive and Senior Leaders that need to provide organizational focus and alignment.
  • Leaders and Managers eager to grow their businesses or change their focus.
  • Organizations with an outdated strategic mission or no strategy at all.
  • Project managers initiating a new project.
  • Anyone involved in new business development or acquisitions.

This program is highly effective for leaders, at all levels in the organization, to assess and refine their strategic focus to insure alignment and promote optimal deployment of resources.


The format and content are customized to meet the specific objectives and outcomes desired. Multiple working sessions, in a classroom setting, are facilitated with guided activities. Pre-work and homework are needed to adequately prepare needed business information and data to complete the final strategy and planning documents.

If desired, this program may be delivered in a retreat format with added team-building activities. If needed, several working sessions may be conducted via Webcast meetings, to foster collaboration with geographically dispersed individuals.

Workbooks are provided. A final strategy document is prepared from the collection of workshop assignments.