Customer Service Perspective™

This assessment enables you to consistently deliver the desired level of customer service throughout your company. Key behavioral traits, that focus on the customer relationship, are measured; these include - courtesy, flexibility, tact, empathy, trust, conscientiousness and conformity. In addition, it evaluates the employees’ proficiencies in verbal and mathematical skills; which are keys to effective communications.

This assessment is uniquely customized to measure compliance with your organization’s own customer service policies and attitudes; thereby guaranteeing consistency throughout your entire business.

Gain a competitive advantage with exemplary customer service.


  • Higher customer retention
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Stronger customer relationships
  • Create customer-centric work environment
  • Place ideal candidates in customer service roles


  • Service quality and consistency
  • Training new employees
  • Maintaining high service standards
  • Managing employees


  • All employees that have direct contact with customers and clients.
  • Also employees that serve internal customers.
  • Any team or group that desires to improve their vital relationships with customers.
  • Candidates for employment in any customer service job-function.

This tool is particularly well-suited for retail businesses, call centers, service industries, and professional service firms.


Self-administered assessment taken via the internet.
Time required: 20 minutes

The following report is available on-line, immediately:

Individual Report: provides the employee with information for self-development and training.
Coaching Report: provides the manager with specific, individual coaching information and training opportunities for each employee.
Placement Report: provides an in-depth analysis matching the candidate or employee to a benchmark “standard” pattern that is created specifically for a particular customer service position. This report clearly defines the degree-of-fit of the individual to the job, providing unique interview questions and coaching