Core Skills for Sales and Marketing - Develop successful work habits

This program will launch you into successful selling relationships with your ideal clients, in a way that bridges your company’s offerings with your client’s unmet needs. Create meaningful business goals and implement an effective planning and time management process to achieve those goals and get results.

Work smarter not harder to reach your goals.


  • Create win-win agreements
  • Shorten sales cycle
  • Improve individual productivity
  • Strengthen teamwork


  • Setting priorities
  • Time management
  • Negotiation skills
  • Tracking progress


  • Any employee directly involved in the sales process with the client/customer.
  • Sales and Market Development personnel that seek higher levels of productivity.
  • Sales teams that want to dramatically improve their collaboration and teamwork skills.
  • New sales and market development employees.

This program is particularly effective for early career-stage employees and those who are inexperienced in sales and market development roles.


The format and content are customized to meet the specific objectives and outcomes desired. Typically this program consists of five (5) modules that each require 3-4 hours of classroom instruction. It may be completed during consecutive days or delivered in ˝ day sessions, presented weekly or monthly.

Experiential learning and accountability assignments are used to reinforce the objectives and enhance self-discovery. Pre-work and homework may also be assigned.

Training materials, workbooks and other materials are included.